Strategic project management and coordination

With substantial experience in environmental and research project management, strategy and coordination we are well placed to provide support for projects of all sizes, from large international consortium projects to bespoke individual projects. We bring a powerful blend of scientific knowledge and understanding, process development and implementation, problem solving and partnership development. We have successfully worked across academia, public and private sectors, bridging the gaps and building positive collaborations in support of successful project outcomes.

  • Team leadership
  • Process development
  • Stakeholder enagagement
  • Delivery of high quality outputs

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Scientific and technical guidance and delivery

We are scientists with postgraduate training in environmental, atmospheric and marine science. Our scientific expertise underpins our analytical and research-oriented approach. We understand the inherent complexities in delivering truly interdisciplinary and impactful environmental research. We work with projects to enhance cross-disciplinary research processes, provide data analysis and environmental modelling services and to support the development of robust research evidence.

Our scientific expertise covers:

  • Aquaculture
  • Climate Science and Policy
  • Environmental chemistry

  • Marine biogeochemistry and oceanography

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Impact and innovation Services

We firmly believe that productive partnerships and collaboration are central to successful project outcomes and positive environmental impacts. We have experience working across sectors and with a full range of stakeholders from policy makers and industrial leaders to SMEs and the academic and research community in support of strategic business development and innovation.  We will build the network necessary to successfully deliver your project and maximise its impact.

Our services include:

  • Research-to-impact strategy development
  • R&D portfolio planning
  • Science translation for policy impact

  • Industry-academic partnership development and facilitation
  • Funding advice

Let’s work together to make progress

We’d love to talk about how we can add value to your projects or organisation. Whatever your sector or size, if we can add value and accelerate progress towards true sustainability in the process then we’re on board!